In whatever medium I am working, I tend to become very interested in a few themes, and to create iterations on each theme until I get it out of my system.  Right now I find mixed media painting hugely satisfying and am entranced by the possibilities that it opens up. Urban imagery and architectural shapes have captured my imagination, closely followed by landscapes defined by water, and most recently, the human figure. 

Within those themes, the play of light and color is fascinating and joyful.  I am sure that at least part of this is pure relief at having some control over the final colors of a piece, after years working in ceramics where the final colors of the work seemed completely subject to the whim of the kiln.

Because my day job is as a psychotherapist, I know I could devote some time to figuring out the meaning of all of this in my psyche.  Part of the joy of artistic creation for me, though, lies in fully indulging the part of myself that wants the pure experience of creation, unmediated by logic, purposefulness, or even comprehension.